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Voluntariado: Bahía de Vizcaya!

We are currently looking for a French and English speaking marine Biology student or similar preferably with experience of cetacean ID to join our scientific team onboard a one off dedicated Whale, Dolphin and Seabird watching trip from Calais.

The candidate will assist passengers with ID and help with translations for our French speaking passengers.

We take around 500 passengers on our vessel of which most are Belgium, Dutch and French naturalists with a range of sea watching experience.

This is a great opportunity to join a well renowned research programme (Biscay Dolphin Research Programme) and Ultimate Pelagics in a dedicated trip to study the marine life in the Bay of Biscay.

The successful candidate will be given a complimentary cabin and all meals onboard. Beverages are not included.

The Itinerary: 16th -21st August 2008

Day 1: Depart Calais at 12:00.
Day 2: Wildlife watching in the western Channel and approach to theContinental Shelf edge of the Bay of Biscay.
Day 3: Wildlife watching along the nutrient rich area of the Bay of Biscay.
Day 4: Wildlife watching around the deep waters of the Continental Shelf.
Day 5: Wildlife watching in the Channel close to the French coastline.
Day 6: Arrive in Calais at 08:00.

This fully dedicated sea watching cruise will start in Calais traveling through the English Channel which has in past years produced sightings of marine life such as Basking shark and Harbour Porpoises. Your first day onboard several lectures will be given from our onboard team of experts on the species you will expect to see in the areas we visit.

Over 2500 cetaceans, 40 species of birds reported on a previous trip.

The Bay of Biscay has produced frequent close encounters of Fin, Long Finned Pilot and Minke whales, Sperm Whale and Cuvier’s Beaked Whale. Although rare in the Bay, sightings have been recorded of Northern Bottle-nosed, Sei, False Killer, Orca whales and the largest mammal on earth the Blue Whale.

Our dedicated cruise offers the best chance to see the range of marine life on offer in these two areas.

The Bay of Biscay has produced sightings of Common, Bottle-nosed and Striped dolphin, plus Harbour Porpoise. Other wildlife found in the Bay are Ocean Sunfish, Tuna, Jelly fish species and Turtles.

With sightings announced throughout the ship by our onboard team from the Biscay Dolphin Research Team and a team positioned around the ship to help you locate and identify the species being viewed, you will be given the best opportunity to see the amazing range of marine life on offer just off our shores.

If you wish to apply please send your CV and covering letter to laura@ultimatepelagics.com

Many Thanks

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