viernes, 22 de febrero de 2008

Actividades: curso Marine Mammal Observer!

Scanning Ocean Sectors´Marine Mammal Observer Training course

Scanning Ocean Sectors is joint nature conservation committee recognised course for industry. The company was formed in 2003 after 3 years of research into the effectiveness of Marine Mammal Observers. Observations of MMOs were done in real time situations of research, with data collected from, experienced MMOs, untrained MMOs, trained MMOs and inexperienced. The foundation for the course was formulated and tested on Royal Navy personnel. The training proved very effective for the RN and assisted them in their aims with mitigation and use of effective measures when using sonar. The course has evolved over the 3 years of research and has taken into account all the outcomes from the research, putting them all to use within the course training. The MMO course was then standardised to obtain the best out of the training for a MMO. The standardisation will ensure that each MMO that we train will complete the course with all the most relevant up to date information and the MMO will be best equipped for industry and research. This will ensure that all data collected will be as accurate as the conditions allow and improve on data precision.

We have a number of student funded places that have not been taken up for the March 17th- 19th & 26th - 28th 2008 courses.

Both courses will be held at the RNLI College, Poole, Dorset UK.

If you are interested in assisted funding/scholarships in MMO training please go to on our Scanning Ocean Sectors web site
And send us your application for student funding.

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