miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2007

Expediciones Earthwatch: Grecia.

Expedition: Dolphins of Greece.

In the waters of Ionian Greece, within sight of landmarks of ancient Hellenic history, bottlenose dolphins congregate in unusually high numbers. The nutrient-rich waters of the Gulf sustain a rich biodiversity where charismatic animals, including sea turtles and a variety of birds, can be easily encountered. Bottlenose dolphins in the Amvrakikos Gulf are threatened by human activities resulting in ecosystem changes. Scientists who monitor these dolphins have been able to identify most individuals and have estimated that 150 dolphins live in the area. Marine biologists Dr. Giovanni Bearzi and Joan Gonzalvo Villegas are working to identify the main threats facing these amazing marine mammals. Their work is providing data to support conservation-oriented management actions.

March - October 2008 (9 days): 1495-1465 euros.


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