miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2007

Expediciones Earthwatch: España.

Expedition: Spanish Dolphins.

Common dolphins aren't as common as they once were. Over the past few decades, these marine mammals have experienced a dramatic decline throughout their range. Protecting critical habitat, such as the nutrient-rich waters off the beautiful southern coast of Spain, could mean the difference between survival and extinction for common dolphins, as well as several other cetaceans and marine turtles in the Mediterranean. Dr. Ana Cañadas and Ricardo Sagarminaga van Buiten were chosen by the European Commission and Spanish agencies to create management and monitoring schemes for marine protected areas proposed here on the basis of five years of Earthwatch research. You can help them document the range, social behavior, and ecology of dolphins in an effort to better understand their habitat needs.

November 2007- March 2009 (12 days): 1495-2175 euros.


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