miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2007

Expediciones Earthwatch: Baja California.

Expedition: Among Baja´s Grey Whales.

The crystal blue waters off Baja California are arguably the best place in the world to see whales and dolphins. Thirty-nine species can be found here, including fin whales, blue whales, orcas, and humpbacks. But the greatest spectacle comes each winter, when grey whales migrate here from arctic waters to breed and calve in the warm lagoons. This is the climax of the longest mammal migration known in nature, and you can be here to document it. Although grey whales are no longer considered endangered, recent changes in feeding patterns suggest they aren't in the clear just yet. Help Dr. William Megill collect data to create better conservation plans for these magnificent mammals.

March 2008 (8 days): 1425 euros.


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