miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2007

Expediciones Earthwatch: Canada.

Expedition: Minke Whales of the St. Lawrence.

An extraordinary diversity of seabirds and marine mammals (seals, porpoises, and beluga, humpback, finback, and blue whales) congregate in the nutrient-rich waters of the Saguenay-St.Lawrence Marine Park each summer. The main focus lies on the smallest rorqual species, the minke whale often found close to the shore, making these protected waters an ideal site for studying these little-known cetaceans. To entrap and engulf schooling fish, they apply unique (and to observers highly attractive) maneuvers jumping way out of the water. Now targets of commercial whaling, minke populations are also exposed to the effects of human activities such as overfishing, climate change, or whale watching. Help cetacean researcher Ursula Tscherter collect much-needed scientific data to create better conservation plans for minke whales.

August - October 2008 (12 days): 2475 euros.


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