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Voluntariado: Eslovenia!

Summer Dolphin Research Courses in Slovenia Morigenos – marine mammal research and conservation society is organizing Summer Dolphin Research Camps in July, August and September 2009, where you can assist in the research programme of the Slovenian Dolphin Project.
This is not dolphin-watching or ecotourism. Morigenos is a non-profit non-governmental organization from Slovenia, dedicated to cetacean research and conservation and to the preservation of the marine environment. More information on Morigenos can be found at
The list of scientific publications by Morigenos can be seen at Slovenian Dolphin Project is a long-term study on the ecology and conservation of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in the Slovenian and adjacent waters of the northern Adriatic Sea, carried out since 2002 by Morigenos.
Summer Dolphin Research Camps offer people to join Morigenos team for 10 days and participate in its research activities. The camps include fieldwork (boat- and land-based, photo-identification), lectures, visits of natural monuments, etc. Anyone above the age of 16 can participate, regardless of nationality or field of expertise. No previous experience is required.
Apart from research activities, the participants share everyday duties and chores with the team members. This includes cooking, washing up and general maintenance of the research base. Out in the field, the participants help searching for dolphins and collecting data. Detailed information on Summer Dolphin Research Camps can be found at
Food, accommodation and fee The participation fee is 300 EUR. This helps us cover part of our fieldwork expenses. Food and accommodation are included in the fee. Participants will be accommodated in Morigenos' research base (sleeping, cooking and working facility). They must arrange their own travel to and from Morigenos base.
There is no selection. Applications are treated on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Please send an e-mail to for registration, preferred dates and possible questions.
Detailed information can also be found at
Tilen Genov
Morigenos - marine mammal researchand conservation society
Jarska cesta 36/aSI-1000 Ljubljana

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