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Actividades: Curso en Belize!

Want to be a Marine Mammal Biologist? Or perhaps a Behavioral Ecologist? Here's your chance to challenge yourself under the tutelage of Drs. Caryn Self-Sullivan, Bruce Schulte, and Katie La Commare during two intense weeks of total immersion into the world of animal behavior, manatees, bottlenose dolphins, and marine ecology in Belize!
Become totally immersed into island living, behavioral ecology and marine biology through lectures and learning activities, literature review, debate, projects, and field research. This unique field course combines an overview of the ecology, behavior, and conservation of sirenians and cetaceans with hands-on manatee & dolphin research in the Drowned Cayes, Belize, a pristine mangrove/seagrass/coral ecosystem just 15 minutes offshore from Belize City.
Get out of the classroom! You'll spend 3-4 hours on the water each day learning about the environment as we explore a labyrinth of mangrove islands, seagrass beds, and coral patches searching for elusive manatees and charismatic dolphins. You'll collect behavioral and environmental data and learn about photo-id techniques; you'll develop a Fact Sheet or Activity Booklet about a related topic to be published by the Hugh Parkey Foundation for Marine Awareness & Education and/or Sirenian International.
Extra-curricular activities include diving or snorkeling at Turneffe Atoll, and exploring an ancient Maya City. This unique course has a work load equivalent to 4 university credit hours and is divided into 4 major components: lectures and learning activities (~1hour per day), independent reading and assignments (~2 hour per day), data collection in the field (~4 hours per day), project development (~1 hours per day) and debate/group discussion of reading materials (~1 hours per day).
Want credit towards your degree? No problem! Sign up for independent study with an advisor at your school and pay the appropriate fees. The course has 70 contact hours and is comparable to a 4 credit university course. Just have you advisor contact Dr. Self-Sullivan (cselfsullivan@georgiasouthern.edu) to discuss the requirements for credit.
COSTS: $2595 includes housing, meals, field trips, ground & water transfer fees, research & materials fees, books;
DOES NOT include airfare, tips, or credit hours
Dr. Caryn Self-Sullivan, Instructor I: http://www.sirenian.org/caryn.html
Dr. Bruce Schulte, Instructor II:
ABD, Katie LaCommare, Instructor III
Caryn Self-Sullivan,
Ph.D.President & Co-founder,
Sirenian International
Temporary Assistant Professor,
Georgia Southern University
Mobile: 540.287.8207 Fax: 540.242.9196
The mission of Sirenian International is to promote the long-term conservation of manatee and dugong populations and our shared aquatic habitats around the world through research, educational outreach, and capacity building. Please remember us when budgeting for your charitable donations. Adopt a Mermaid Ambassador or Donate online at: http://www.sirenian.org/.

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