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Voluntariado: Elefantes marinos!

Intern for the winter season on the Farallones (Dec 5- March 15). Please forward to all qualified folks you may know looking for a winter on SEFI.


Needed for winter on Southeast Farallon Island, 28 miles west of San Francisco, California. Daily duties involve observation of elephant seal breeding colony, including flipper-tag reading, tagging and marking of cows and pups, keeping accurate data records of pup births and deaths, and data entry and proofing. Additional work involves twice monthly cover board surveys of Farallon salamander (Aneides lugubris farallonensis), including measuring and weighing all captured salamanders.

Furthermore, RAs monitor the number and species of all birds on the island, conduct daily weather and oceanic observations. RAs also contribute to the upkeep, cleaning, and maintenance of the research station. RAs will work full-time, 7 days a week, with a variable schedule that sometimes includes long days.

Field work requires rigorous physical activity including strenuous hiking and climbing. Excellent vision, possession of good quality binoculars, being comfortable in close proximity to large toothy mammals, and hand strength for tagging are required.

Applicants should enjoy working independently with a high level of responsibility in field work and data entry as well as working frequently with a partner or team. Preference will be given to applicants with a degree in biology or related field and prior ecological research experience.

Enthusiasm for field work in windy, wet, chilly conditions is essential. The ability to coexist on a small, isolated island with gulls and humans is important.

Position is 5 Dec through 15 March.

RAs are volunteers, we provide training, great food, comfortable island housing, and a unique experience.

Please send a cover letter; resume/CV; and names, phone numbers, and email of 3 field work supervisors to
Derek E. Lee (
Farallon Biologist,
PRBO Conservation Science.

Visit our website at: for more info.

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