viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2009

Volunteering: Seal Rehabilitation!!

The SRRC Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre Lenie ‘t Hart in Pieterburen, the Netherlands, needs urgently:

Volunteers who are experienced in handling, tube feeding and force-feeding ill juvenile harbour seals and grey seal pups.

These animals in rehabilitation need intensive care treatment because of their problems (mostly lung worms and other problems with respiratory tracks).

The SRRC is at this moment overcrowded with in total more than 160 harbour seals.

What we need is: experienced helpers to work together with the staff of the SRRC to carry out tube feeding and force feeding to many tens of seals several times per day.

If you have experience with those activities and those species, and if you are available in the coming two or three months, please contact the SRRC Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre and ask for Lenie ‘t Hart.

What we can offer:

- Reimbursement of travel expenses

- (Fine) food and lodging at the centre

- A good atmosphere with an enthusiastic international group of colleagues

SRRC Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre
Hoofdstraat 94a
The Netherlands
Phone: (31) 595 - 526 526
Fax: (31) 595 - 528 389

English website :

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