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Actividades: curso delfines y manatíes!

Ecology, Behavior & Conservation of Manatees & Dolphins

A Unique Field Course in the Drowned Cayes, Belize May 31 - June 13, 2008

Sign-up now - space is limited to 24 students!

Want to be a marine mammal scientist? Here's your chance to join our team for 2 intense weeks of research on Antillean manatees and bottlenose dolphins in Belize! You will be totally immersed in the study of manatees and dolphins through lectures, literature review, and field research. This unique field course combines an overview of the ecology, behavior, and conservation of sirenians and cetaceans with hands-on manatee & dolphin research in the Drowned Cayes, Belize, as part of a long-term research project in place since 1998. You'll spend 3-4 hours on the water each day as we explore a labyrinth of mangrove islands and seagrass beds searching for elusive manatees and charismatic dolphins. You'll collect behavioral and environmental data and learn about photo-id techniques; you'll help reduce and analyze data, and interpret results. To date, research on this project has resulted in 6 presentations at scientific conferences, 3 peer-reviewed publications, 1 MS Thesis, and 1 PhD Dissertation (visit linkto Instructor's CV, below, for more information).

For more information:

Credit: The course is hosted by the Hugh Parkey Foundation for Marine Awareness & Education and Spanish Bay Conservation & Research Center as a non-credit course. The lecture and field lab hours are equivalent of a 4-credit hour academic course; instructor will work with your academic advisor if credit is desired.

Location: Hugh Parkey's Belize Adventure Lodge

extra-curricular activities include snorkeling on the reef, and exploring an ancient Maya City. Your Share of Costs: $2495 includes housing, meals, field trips, ground &water transfers fees - DOES NOT include airfare, insurance, or credit hours;students are required to have in place or purchase travel insuranceequivalent to DAN Insurance, which costs $99/year.

Instructor: Caryn Self-Sullivan, Ph.D. (May 2008)

Caryn Self Sullivan,
Marine Scientist
200 Stonewall Drive,
VA 22401
Email: caryn@sirenian.org
Mobile: 540.287.8207
Fax: 540.242.9126

Texas A&M University,
Ph.D. (May 2008) Sirenian International,
President & Co-Founder Earthwatch Institute,
Principal Investigator Coastal Carolina University Class of 1997

Adopt a Mermaid Ambassador online at sirenian.org The mission of Sirenian International is to promote the long-term conservation of manatee and dugong populations and our shared aquatic habitats around the world through research, educational outreach, and capacity building. Please remember us when budgeting for your charitable donations. Adopt a Mermaid Ambassador or Donate online at http://www.sirenian.org/.

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