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Voluntariado: pasantías con el BDRI.

On behalf of the Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute BDRI, I am pleased to announce that we are seeking Dolphin Research Assistants / Thesis work Students for our 2008 Winter (January-March) season in Sardinia, Italy. Undergraduate and postgraduate student research projects can be supported with boat time and office space.

An internship period with the BDRI offers an excellent opportunity for qualified and motivated individuals to obtain field and laboratory training in marine mammals research methodology and analysis under the mentorship of experienced bottlenose dolphin researchers. Learning, at its best, should be an active process, one in which the students are challenged on a daily basis with responsibilities that play a large part in the outcome of the research projects. Using study techniques that neither harm nor seriously disturb the animals, BDRI's researchers are engaged in the conduction of a long term study about the ecology and behaviour of a Mediterranean bottlenose dolphin population (Tursiops truncatus) along the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, as well as collecting detailed information about their environment.

Interns are required to complete a research project on an assigned relevant topic, to be written in collaboration and supervision with the BDRI's thesis advisor. Undergraduate and postgraduate students can present this personal research project as their Thesis (Bachelor, Master, Diploma, DEA, etc). Internships can be used for academic or vocational purposes, but students are solely responsible for making all arrangements for receiving relevant credit(s) as a result of completing the internship.

BDRI internships provide invaluable exposure to boat based field work, marine mammals research, intensive training and mentoring in marine ecology, and encouragement to work hard, have fun, and learn from the dolphins and each other. Working with us and our staff, you will rotate between tasks on land and sea. Onboard our research vessel the "Spartana" you will work together with our team in search of cetaceans. To refine details of bottlenose dolphin population biology and responses to human activities at sea, we will take identification photos, observe behaviour, and monitor vocalizations using a hydrophone, etc.

There is no deadline to apply. However, approved applications are accepted on a first-come, first serve basis. Apply early! If you are interested and have the required experience and skills, please Visit our website:

to download information on Dolphin Research Internships and/or Thesis work in Aranci Bay and how to get there.

Bruno Díaz López
Research Biologist / Marine Zoologist
Chief Researcher
The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute
BDRI, V.Armando Diaz N?4 07020 Golfo Aranci (SS) Italy
Tel: + (39) 346 0815414

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