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Actividades: Marine Mammal Management Course.


WELCOME- to all those interested in marine mammals. This is an opportunity for you to consider our unique offering in the study of a fascinating but curiously unknown aquatic form of life through: THE OCEANOGRAPHIC CENTER OF NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY'S GLOBAL DISTANCE EDUCATION COURSE IN MARINE MAMMAL MANAGEMENT


Registration starts December 3, 2007, closes on January 11, 2008.
There are four versions:
a) full three credit graduate level - $695/credit hour. 3 credit course = $2085.
b) an undergraduate credit - $950
c) a general interest (audit) diploma - $1042.50
d) as part of the graduate certificate - contact the coordinator at

The course runs from JANUARY 7 TO MARCH 28, 2008, and covers these topics:

Chapter 1. Introduction to Marine Mammals
Chapter 2. Marine Mammal Management
Chapter 3. Introduction to Cetaceans
Chapter 4. Beluga Whale, and "toxic soups"
Chapter 5. Dolphins, non-consumptive use
Chapter 6. Bowheads, the subsidence balance
Chapter 7. Orcas, of killers and Keikos Chapter
8. Pilots, stranding and utilization
Chapter 9. Introduction to Pinnipeds
Chapter 10 Monk Seals
Chapter 11. California Sea Lion, Big Sur and survival
Chapter 12. Harp Seal, to hunt or not to hunt?
Chapter 13. Introduction to Sirenids
Chapter 14. Manatee, the harassed herbivore
Chapter 15. Introduction to Marine Fissipeds
Chapter 16. Polar Bear, the Inuit, success and hope
Chapter 17. Acoustic Stimuli of Marine Mammals
Chapter18. Marine Mammal Conservation & Future Management

There are two essay assignments for those taking the credit versions. First is due on FEBRUARY 11th with a value of 30%; the last on MARCH 21st for 60% of the final mark. The remaining 10% is held for Interaction evaluation ? how well the candidate participates within any class e-mail discussion and replies to requests. Candidates will receive comments on the first assignment, mainly as an aid in the final essay, and evaluation. The last essay is equivalent of a final exam and is not returned. Those taking the diploma program may submit the assignments and participate in the Interaction; however, not for marks, but certainly for comment. As communication and interaction throughout the term will be mainly via e-mail, it is essential that all have some electronic means of communication and submitting essays. Essays should be sent using "MS Word" format.

For general information on the course, contact: and for general information on the Oceanographic Center's distance education programs.
For registration

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