lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Empleo: Morsas en Alaska!!

Walrus Program Supervisor Position Available
US Fish and Wildlife Service
Marine Mammals Management Program
Anchorage, Alaska


For more information, please contact:
Rosa Meehan
Division Chief, Marine Mammals Management
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The Marine Mammals Management Program of the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is seeking a highly motivated and conservation oriented individual to lead the Walrus Program. The office is responsible for the conservation and management of Pacific walrus, polar bears, and sea otters and the goal is to maintain these marine mammal populations as healthy, functioning
component of the marine ecosystem. The program takes an ecosystem approach to management, carried out through the cooperative efforts of many partners. Management and research efforts are coordinated at the local, state and international level. Current challenges focus on understanding the effects of climate change, notably the extreme retreat of sea ice, on
the ice-dependent species and developing appropriate management strategies.

Additional information about the program is at:

The ideal candidate will have a background in population biology and arctic marine ecology, ability to work with people, and skills needed to provide leadership to highly motivated and independent professionals. Minimum requirements include at least one year of specialized experience and an advanced degree in biological sciences. For additional information, see
the job announcement on USA Jobs:

The full time position is located in Anchorage, Alaska. Some travel is required, including international travel as well as travel to meetings and for field work within the State. Salary is at the GS 13 level and is commensurate with qualifications and previous government experience. See job announcement for details.

Applications must be submitted through USA Jobs, details can be accessed through the Job Announcement listed above or by going to: and searching by title (Supervisory Wildlife Biologist GS-486-13) and agency (FWS).

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