lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Actualidad: investigación desde Ferries!

In Italy different Institutions (both of public and private sector), Universities and NGO have joined forces to undertake a large scale cetacean monitoring programme from passengers ferries.

The network, active since 2007, monitors presence, relative abundance, distribution and migration timing of cetacean along the following routes:

- Civitavecchia-Golfo Aranci (since 2007) in the Central Tyrrhenian sea;

- Livorno-Bastia and Savona-Bastia (since 2008) in the Pelagos sanctuary;

- Calvi-Nizza (from 2009) in the western part of the Pelagos sanctuary.

On the research the network has already submitted two different MS (5 pages “full-paper”) for the 2008 and 2009 ECS proceedings.

Summer weekly sightings can be checked of the following blog:

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