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Voluntariado: Vancouver!

Marine Mammal Rescue (MMR) Internship Program
Mission Statement of the Vancouver Aquarium:
The Vancouver Aquarium is a self-supporting, non-profit association dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life through display and interpretation, education, research, and direct action.
About the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre
One of the Vancouver Aquarium´s direct action programs, the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, works to rescue, rehabilitate and successfully release abandoned, injured, or standed marine mammals. Located approximately 15 minutes east of the Vancouver Aquarium, patients are brought to the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre´s hospital facility from all over the B.C. coast and cared for until they are well enough to be released into the wild. Since the Aquarium started helping distressed marine mammals in the 1960s, MMR has treated elephant seals, sea otters, Steller sea lions, harbour porpoises, common dolphins, and killer whales. Harbour seals are the most common patient at the facility and the facility can care for over 100 animals at a time.
MMR Internship Program:
The MMR Internship is an unpaid internship. It will provide students with hands-on experience in marine mammal rescue, rehabilitation and the conservation of marine life. Students will engage in laboratory procedures, rescue techniques and help with the veterinary care of marine mammals.MMR presents a unique internship opportunity for:
* Pre-veterinary students enrolled in a biology or similar university program
* Veterinary technician students
* Veterinary students
Successful candidate will be:
* Full time students enrolled in, a college or university, in zoology, marine biology, or related animal science, or completed all or part of a course study in veterinary technology from a recognized institution
* Interested in a career as a veterinary technician, veterinarian, or a marine biology
* Extremely self motivated with a desire for continuing education
* Experienced in the animal care field either paid work or volunteer
* Appling for position in a timely manor with resume and letter of interest outlining why you are interested in the program, your availability, educational background and where you heard about the program
* Able to provide 2 letters of reference
* Able to secure the necessary funds for relocation, accommodations and living expenses for the entire placement
* Able to lift 20kg, be in good physical shape and be able to work both inside and outside in various weather conditions
Intern shifts will be approximately 8 hours long, 5 days a week for a total of 40 hours per week. Work schedules will include week-ends, evenings and holidays. R
Responsibilities (applicant responsibilities may include, but are not limited to):
* Food preparation and animal feeding
* General cleaning duties and animal habitat maintenance
* Receiving animals when rescued including ability to weigh, assist in physical examinations, and animal record keeping
* Assisting the veterinarian and staff in surgical and medical cases when required
* Assist in researching information to aid in animal care* Limited laboratory procedures
* May assist with rescues and releases
All candidates are expected to find their own accommodations in Vancouver.
Placement dates and application procedures:
There are six (6) internship positions over the summer, each 6 weeks in length and one (1) full-time position offered for the full summer.
Early summer placement: three (3) students between June 25th -Aug 7th, 2009
Late summer placement: three (3) students between July 24th - Sept 4th, 2009
Full summer placement: one (1) student between June 25th and Sept 4th, 2009
Placement Application deadline
Telephone Interview Period Notification period Start date :
Early/Full Summer March 20th - 31st April 10th, 2009 June 25th
Late Summer March 20th - 31st April 10th, 2009 July 24th
Applications will be processed by the MMR Coordinator. Please send resume, letter of intent and two references to rescue@vanaqua.org with "MMR Internship Application" in the subject line OR mail to the attention of:
MMR Internship Application
Vancouver Aquarium
PO Box 3232
Vancouver, BC V6B3X8.
Good luck to all our applicants.Thank you for your interest in the Vancouver Aquarium´s Marine Mammal Rescue Internship program.

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