viernes, 11 de enero de 2008

Empleo: Financiación proyectos en Golfo de Méjico.

Please note that the following funding that has become available:

The Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, in partnership with the National Marine Fisheries Service, has announced a request for research proposals for projects aimed at enhancing conservation of bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico.

Up to $80,000 is available through this funding opportunity.

Proposals must focus on innovative and practical ways to help dolphins survive in the wild. Research topics may include:
*Characterizing various aspects of human interactions (i.e. dolphin tourism, feeding, harassment, etc.) with wild bottlenose dolphins;
*Assessing dolphin depredation on recreational and commercial fisheries;
*Providing a comprehensive outreach strategy to inform the public of harmful interactions.

The full funding announcement, including priorities and submission guidelines, can be viewed at

The deadline for proposals is Feb. 1.

For details, contact Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium Director
LaDon Swann at (251) 648-5877 or

Erin Foug?res
Stranding Program Administrator
263 13^th Avenue South
St. Petersburg,
FL 33701

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