miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

International events: EAAM in Lisbon!

The European Association for Aquatic Mammals (E.A.A.M.), was founded in 1972 to congregate professionals and individuals interested in aquatic mammals and who devote a significant amount of time to maintenance and welfare of aquatic mammals, both in zoological environments and in the wild.

One of the best opportunities to join our efforts is the Annual Conference and as President Elect of the EAAM, it is my great honour to announce the:

38th Symposium of the European Association of Aquatic Mammals Hosted by Lisbon Zoo, Portugal March 12-15, 2010

We strongly encourage everybody with an interest in this field, to participate with knowledge and share their experience with a presentation. Lisbon is a very nice city and we’ll be spoiled by our host who are intensely organizing the “First Green Conference” for our association EAAM

Please check for general information and deadlines in January 2010 on the website of EAAM www.eaam.org

I look forward to receiving your paper soon and to meeting you all again in the next EAAM conference in 2010.


Claudia Gili
President-Elect of EAAM
General Curator/Chief Veterinarian
Acquario di Genova - Italy

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