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Voluntariado: Orcas en Washington!

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated individuals for an unpaid Internship in Killer Whale Conservation Research.

Program: University of Washington, Center for Conservation Biology
Location: San Juan Island, Washington.
Duration: 1 month minimum between May 15th, 2009 and October 15th, 2009 (priority will be given to applicants that can commit longer
than 1 month).

Project Summary

The Southern resident killer whale (SRKW) community of the Pacific Northwest experienced an unexplained 20.4% decline between 1995-2001, resulting in their listing as an endangered population. The UW- Center for Conservation Biology uses noninvasive hormone measures of
stress, nutrition and reproductive condition in feces to investigate three potential threats to the SRKW:

1.) Disturbance from private and commercial whale-watching vessels,
2.) Nutritional deficits associated with decline in SRKW primary prey, Chinook salmon,
3.) Endocrine disruption from toxins such as PCBs, PBDEs and DDT/DDE. We also use specially trained scat detection dogs to help us attain the sample sizes needed for this multivariate study. Use of dogs also allows us to acquire samples at greater distances from the killer whales allowing us to acquire valuable information from the scat while minimizing any potential impact of our research vessel on the whales.


1. Minimum of 20 hours/week working for the Center for Conservation Biology either assisting with killer whale scat collections on the boat, data entry, boat/equipment maintenance, scat detection dog care, proposal writing and/or sample processing in the lab. Activities will depend on killer whale presence and the current needs of the project.

2. Minimum of 1 day/week working for our collaborators informing the public about laws pertaining to marine mammals and recording data for various killer whale research projects.


-The ability to spend long days on a small research vessel.
-Arrange for your own housing on San Juan Island, Washington.

Katherine (the team leader) will assist in finding the most affordable housing in any way possible. If you are at all interested, contact Katherine ASAP and she can help you apply for housing at Friday Harbor Labs.

-Your own transportation to and from the Island as well as to and from the Harbor.
-Flexibility is really important as well as a positive attitude and a willingness to learn!

Competitive Bonuses that are not required:
-Field and/or lab research experience
-Experience operating and/or maintaining an outboard motor boat
-First aid certification

This internship is extremely intensive; however, you will come away with invaluable research experience from 2-3 different killer whale research projects. If interested please send a CV and cover letter to Katherine Ayres at kla5@u.washington.edu. Feel free to contact Katherine with any questions.

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