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Empleo: guía Whale Watching en Noruega!



Whalesafari Ltd in Andenes is the most successful arctic whale watching company with about
20 000 visitors during one whale watching season. In Andenes the edge of the continental shelf is closer to land than anywhere else along the coast of Norway and here a special deep sea area called Bleik Canyon was formed thousands of years ago. This extraordinary spot provides a good feeding area for whales and a great place for whale watching. The most common whale species seen is the sperm whale but occasionally also other whales like minke whales, pilot whales, fin whales, humpback whales, orcas, dolphins and porpoises are encountered.

The Whale Centre is situated in an old fish processing warehouse at the harbour front. Daily whalesafaris and museum tours are offered during the main whalesafari season May- September. Experience shows that whales are spotted during 95% of our safaris.


Whalesafari Ltd can offer you an exciting and challenging summer job in an international team and wonderful environment. As a whalesafari guide you will be responsible for guiding our visitors in our whale museum and out at sea onboard our whalesafari boats.The main whalesafari season is from 25 May to 15 of September with high season lasting from the end of June to the middle of August.

Accommodation is arranged and guides get their own private room at the Whale Centre. Part of the travel expenses are compensated for and paid upon arrival. Salary according to agreement.


We are looking for applicants who are:
•Flexible: working hours are variable and highly weather and whale dependent
•Friendly, motivated, enthusiastic, patient and open-minded: working days can be long and hectic, and sea conditions rough but we need to keep up a good mood and be able to inspire and provide good service to our visitors at all times
•Team-oriented and preferably previous experience from working in an international team: we live and work together in a tight team and it is important to be able to share living spaces with others
•Previous guiding or teaching experience is preferred
•Background in biology, natural sciences or tourism is preferred but not required
•Interest in whales, marine wildlife and nature is essential
•Previous experience of and accustomed to being at sea
•Language skills: Excellent written and spoken knowledge of English is essential. Most of our visitors come from Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark), Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and Italy. Applicants should preferably have a good command of at least two of the following languages in addition to their mother tongue and English; German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish
•Preferably two months work commitment


Send a cover letter with a brief description of yourself, why you think you would be a good whalesafari guide and what you hope to gain from this experience. Also include a separate CV with previous relevant work experience and education, and a photograph of yourself and the contact details of two referees. Only applicants who have submitted these two documents will be considered in the evaluation process. The two application documents should be sent either electronically as attachments to the following e-mail address

or by postal mail to Camilla Ilmoni

Fantoft Studentboliger
PB 10245075

Application deadline is 28 February 2009

Successful candidates will be contacted during the end of March/beginning of April 2009
Further enquiries about the job should be addressed to
Phone: +47 94 24 23 70


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