sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008

Voluntariado: estudia las orcas!

Get off-campus and study wild orcas for 10 weeks in the spring or fall of 2009!

Apply now to conduct your own research with the Beam Reach Marine Science and Sustainability School.

Beam Reach is for you if you want to:
- study endangered killer whales and salmon in the wild
- use advanced bioacoustic tools in your own research project
- network with experts in marine conservation
- learn to sail a biodiesel-electric catamaran
- explore the San Juan Islands in the Pacific Northwest
- earn 18 credits from the University of Washington

More details and recent publications at: http://www.beamreach.org?1mrm529080
We are now accepting applications for:
- Spring 2009: March 30 - June 06
- Fall 2009: August 24 - October 31

To apply you should have completed your first year of college, be interested in the marine environment, and want to spend 10 weeks off-campus in an intensive field research experience.

Upcoming application review deadlines: Oct 1 and Nov 1, 2008. Financial aid is available.

Ask yourself: Is Beam Reach for you?http://www.beamreach.org/is-beam-reach-for-you.html?2mrm529080

Let us know if you have any questions!
Dr. Scott Veirs
scott@beamreach.org 206-251-5554

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