lunes, 30 de junio de 2008

Empleo: Evaluación de delfinarios!

Job opportunity for ECS members only as independent reviewers/ auditors.


The tourism branch wants to make clear to its clients which dolphinariums take their dolphins welfare seriously and which do not. Therefore a control mechanism is developed by the tourism branch and Dolphin Fund to check which dolphinarium should or should not be promoted within the tourism branch.

Dolphin Fund is seeking reviewers/ auditors to check local or national dolphinariums according to a predefined checklist. At least two persons are needed to check a dolphinarium separate from each other to make sure that controls are done independent and accurately.

Location: In your own country,

Duration: Depending on number of dolphinariums, zoos, theme parks, possible secondary reviews. If no welfare problems have been encountered; once a year. If there are welfare problems encountered it could vary from once a month to four times a year. It also depends on the number of dolphinariums in your country, but more than two reviewers may be working within one country or area.

Tasks: To visit a local dolphinarium and to check whether it fulfils certain criteria as defined in a specific international checklist for captive mammals. (Will be provided). To report the results to Dolphin Fund. Dolphin Fund acts as intermediate to the tourism industry.

Qualifications and skills: Candidates should preferably be living close to one or more dolphinariums. You should be independent and reliable. Good negotiation skills are helpful as well as good computer skills. Besides your countries’ language, you need to be able to speak English. Furthermore you need to show initiative, be consistent and have strong communications and writing skills. Most important you are an expert in Marine Mammal biology. Veterinarian knowledge is a pre.

Compensation: Auditor’s expenses will be covered by Dolphin Fund.

Do you recognise yourself in this profile and do you want to contribute to captive dolphin welfare and receive compensation, please send an application before July 14, 2008 to Drs Colinda Vergeer, email:

For further information call 0031-71-5122900 and ask for Colinda Vergeer.

With kind regards, Colinda Vergeer
Kanaalstraat 332231
KB Rijnsburg0031-(0)628972923
Corporate Communications Kustvereniging
EUCC and Dolphin Fund
ECS2008 organisator
MSc. Biology and Communication
BSc. Wildlife Management

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