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Empleo: Seattle!!! - upper trophic level studies

ob Announcement: Fisheries Research Scientist

Position: Biotech III working for a NOAA contractor on a temporary contract of approximately 1 year.

Project Title: Upper Trophic Level Ecosystem Studies

Education and Experience: Masters Degree in Biology or related science with emphasis in fisheries, oceanography or natural science. Three (3) years experience with marine mammal surveys, abundance estimation, and statistical analyses are required. A Bachelors Degree and at least five years of experience related directly to the research requirement may substitute for the Masters Degree requirement.

Location: Alaska Fisheries Science Center, National Marine Mammal Lab (NMML), Seattle, WA. Literature review, data processing and analysis will be done at NMML and no field work is anticipated.

Duties: Full time position, 40 hours per week.

Duties to be performed under this task order include but are not limited to conducting research on the abundance, trends, and distribution of marine mammals and birds in the North Pacific, Bering Sea, and Okhotsk Sea. The successful candidate will serve as the lead for compiling data bases,reviewing literature and managing data in the context of ecosystem change and will work with collaborators in Russia, Washington, California, Oregon, Alaska and British Columbia to access data and acquire metadata.

Specific deliverables are required to be accomplished by due dates specified in work assignments and submitted to the NMFS Project Leader for approval and acceptance.

The successful candidate will work as a member of a scientific team, but will have the lead for undertaking the data processing and analyses as agreed in consultation with the team. This work will involve evaluating scientific literature and compiling data from a wide variety of sources. Previous experience with marine mammal surveys, abundance estimation, and statistical analyses are required.

Salary: based on $23.57 per hour plus medical and dental plan

Please email resumes to the attention of Cal Goo at

Calinda "Cal" Goo
Aquatic Farms
49-139 Kamehameha Hwy
Kaneohe, HI. 96734
(808) 239-2929
FAX: (808) 239-8436

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